Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reality Check

Hello everyone. This morning I had a total reality check. I was feeling sorry for myself much more than I should and letting it bring me down. Instead of stepping away and deciding to be happy, I was letting myself be content on being upset. When I arrived at work I was talking with a friend in the parking lot and we both heard a big boom! We went over to the side of the street to see what it was and saw a motorcycle with the front smashed in and a man in the median holding his arm. Thank God he was okay for the most part, but it showed me that we shouldn't take life for granted. It's so easy to slip into the mindset of being upset or angry. It's harder to overcome it and to get over ourselves. So I'm going to try and make an effort. A bigger one. To realize that wasting time being mad or upset over nothing is just plain stupid and that God's plans for us are bigger than anything else.

As for JLynel, I'm still working on some amazing designs so be ready for new listings soon. Currently in the shop there is a wide selection of items including fall and christmas items. So take a look if your curious at ;) . Here's a great $5 item that I think is so cute.

Have a wonderful day! xoxo J.Lynel


  1. Thank you for the reality was sweet, simple and always needed.