Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 Fabulous Etsy Finds

Today I decided to feature some fabulous items from amazing sellers. There's so much talent and beauty on etsy, I feel like I never get to see it all! So here are some great finds that I think are fabulous and worth a second glance. Enjoy :)

#1 Handmade Dog Leash - Brown and White Polka Dots - 5ft - 1 inch by Aimeeplus3

I love this find because it's affordable at only $14.00 and it's gorgeous. Why not walk your dog with style? Made of durable nylon, this leash is sure to catch everyone's eye when you and your furry friend go out for a stroll! Find it Here.

#2 Steampunk Wings Necklace by alteredbeauty

I like this item because it is beautiful an edgy at the same time. Made from a gorgeous pair of wings and the inside of a vintage watch it is a very unique piece that can be treasured for a lifetime for only $40.00. Find it Here.

#3 Buckle Up Necklace by alittlebead

Another fabulous necklace. A girl really can't have enough! I love this piece because it is different. A classic necklace but with a twist at the bottom. With an antique finish and a belt buckle as a charm, this necklace really is something look at! Find it Here. for $16.50.

#4 Coral Ring by lacravatteduchien

I live in Florida so I'm defiantly a sucker for anything ocean related, but this ring is so interesting. What a wonderful idea to put a piece of coral onto a ring! I think it eludes a kind of whimsical personality. I just love it and it's only $14.00! Find it Here.

#5 Organic Nesting Bowls - Set of 3 in Khaki, Spice and Macadamia by EcoChicHandKnits

These gorgeous little bowls are handmade with organic yarn. Everyone loves organic items. They are good for the environment and great for organizing and just lovely to look at! This set comes with 3 bowls for only $35.00. Find them Here.

Which one is your favorite?
Happy Etsy shopping and have a wonderful day!

xoxo J.Lynel