Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All too familiar

Today I'm stuck at work studying for my Ecology test tomorrow and I can't help but think about how familiar school is to me and I'm beginning to hate it. It's just a series of hoops that we are trained to jump through. You tell me what you need me to do and I do it to get a good grade. Can you see how that could get old? lol. But I am almost done and I need to be optimistic that all my work will pay off in the long run and everything will work out. For now I'm stuck in the torture that is college.
I've been finding it hard to be inspired lately due to the hectic schedule of my life and I often feel like I don't take the time to smell the fresh air or enjoy the beautiful blue sky. It's tough being busy but I'm going to try to make an effort because I believe in those simple moments you can gain some needed happiness to get you through in times you need it, such as listening to boring lectures ;). Inspiration is everywhere. Beauty is everywhere. I believe God made this earth so beautiful to give us something to enjoy and inspire us to do the things we love. I'm starting up a new Etsy and I'm really hoping to get the first item up today so I will keep you posted! In the meantime feel free to check out my vintage shop at
Have a lovely day!


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