Friday, September 4, 2009


Woo hoo! Finally friday and it's mine and my fiances one year anniversary from when we starting dating so we are going to Benihana. I'm soo excited. I can already taste it. mmm. Also, just to show how great God is, we had bought a couch about a month ago from a garage sale for $10. It's a pretty nice couch but needed some cleaning so Johnny went out and got a cleaner for $25. After that, we put it in the house where I am living. Come to find out the women who cleans the house saw it and wants to buy it from us for $100!! Wow. I am so excited, not just for the couch but for the provision. I know that we are never in need when we trust and obey.

J.Lynel xoxo


  1. That is great news. Wonder what the next couch is going to look like??

  2. haha I don't know? I'm hoping leather :)