Thursday, September 3, 2009

true love

Today I have been engaged for 2 months! Only 4 to go! It seems like forever away but I know it will go super fast. I have plenty to keep me busy with planning the wedding, taking a full schedule at school and working on my Etsy site.
As I think back to when I met my fiance Johnny, I am reminded of what true love looks like and what it takes to find it. I believe it doesn't take much. It's when we find ourselves in a place where we aren't looking for love, when we're completely surrendered to Christ in saying "I'm fine being single. I know the right time will come." In our minds we think that "time" is so far off. It seems as if that time will never come. I believe it's in that moment when true love takes us off guard.
I wasn't looking and neither was he but we found each other and it was undeniable to both of us that this was something different. This was a feeling neither of us could understand. I was excited all the time and couldn't wipe my smile off if I tried. Every time we were together it seemed that everything else stopped and we were the only ones left.
I am completely in awe of him and love him more than I ever knew was possible. Before, I could never imagine what this would feel like because I had never had it. Now that I do, I appreciate things much more and I am so thankful that God brought us together.
So be encouraged, no matter what area of your life you are praying for, that God has a plan and He loves to make us happy. He will surprise you because he loves you. All you have to do is give your requests unto him and he will fulfill the desires of your heart.

J.Lynel xoxo


  1. Beautiful, Jessenia! (read Proverbs 16:3 - Amplified version - it goes right along with what you wrote!) I read this out loud to JD and he said he was trying to choke his tears back at what you expressed. God is so GOOD!

  2. Aww thank you! I read the verse. It does go right with it :)

  3. What a great, uplifting post today! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! And the verse that came to my mind with your post was Jeremiah 29:11 (my FAVORITE verse of all time!)

    ""For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"."

  4. Amen! That was so encouraging! I just can't wait for the day when I will experience true love! It seems to be so impossible to find someone...but your story proves otherwise. God is so good!

  5. Megan- Thanks so much and that is a great verse!

    Penguin- Although it seems impossible it surely isn't :)